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What Is the Difference Between Organic and Paid Traffic?

Organic traffic is commonly referred as free clicks and paid traffic is where you bid on search terms. To catch organic traffic, you need to use auto campaigns though. So, it is not really free. As a basic first step you need to create a listing as your knowledge but there is no such thing as perfect listing. You need to check your auto campaigns frequently and mine your keywords from auto  campaigns for both your listings and manual PPC campaigns.
Paid traffic and organic traffic are the two important part of your overall sales performance. If you give up from one of them, your sales performance eventually will be drop harshly. You need to mine keywords from your auto campaigns and insert that keywords in your product title and synonyms in your product descriptions so that keywords may start  working for both paid and organic traffic.
There also third party tools that you mine and organize your keywords but despite common knowledge, third party tools also need experience and good knowledge of keyword tracking to be used properly.

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