ETSY, like any search engine, has a mathematical equation for ranking search results. If you understand the inputs, you can improve product rankings and how often they appear.

Do keyword research

Finding good keywords boosts your Etsy shop visibility. When someone is looking for a product on Etsy, they normally start by going to the Etsy search bar and typing in a short description of what they are looking for. A good keyword will be relevant to your product, searched often, and easy to rank for.

Format your title effectively

Place your keywords at the beginning of the item title – even before the product name. The Etsy Search system pays special attention to the first few words, so if the beginning of your title closely matches a customer’s search words, you will rank higher.

Select tags that are relevant to your product

Etsy allows you to select up to 13 tags for your product. This is another place where using keywords is a great idea! Use all 13 tags and focus on keywords frequently searched keywords related to your products.
Complete all attribute fields with relevant answers

The attribute fields are determined by the category of item you are selling (for example: color, occasion, style etc.). Completing these fields accurately gives you another advantage over your competition. It allows you to cover more keywords and rank higher in search results.

At Limunis, we offer specialized ETSY SEO optimization services that help your business not only maintain your sales numbers but grow them, which means you’re moving more inventory on a regular basis. Learn more about how we can move your products off the shelves by viewing our ETSY SEO and ETSY SEO copywriting packages. For more information get in touch with one of our experienced ETSY specialists. We will do our best to help you out in your ETSY shop and optimizing your ETSY shop’s SEO & Product Listing.

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When you partner with Limunis, you receive a hands-on and dedicated specialist for your account. They work with you one-on-one to develop a competitive and data-driven ETSY SEO strategy.

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At Limunis, as a part of our add-on copywriting services, we create original, on-brand, and descriptive product copy that improves your online visibility and offers value to shoppers.


We maximize the results of your ETSY SEO strategy by optimizing your product photos. If needed, our team of Somedbox can also arrange photography for your products, ensuring you meet ETSY’s image standards and provide shoppers with the best view of your product.

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We provide monthly reporting as a part of our ETSY SEO services. Limunis provides to monthly report on your current sales and product performance. With this data, you can see your investment at work — and how it’s improving your bottom line.

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