Social Media Box

We tell your story to people! Preparing your product’s photograph and video for social media just got easier, faster & better. Somedbox is a project of Limunis Information Technologies that aims to make brands and products more effective in social media with photos and videos. Somedbox is made up of creatives, professional and technical individuals who all share the same motivation for social media lifestyle content. We are a lifestyle content producer that offers a full range of social media services to help your business. Our unique insight into Instagram and Facebook on approach to creating professional lifestyle photographs and videos for our clients. Don’t look like amateur with non-professional photos and videos. Quality photos and videos of your products allows you to stand out. Somedbox provides photo and video capture that will best identify your products and your brand. Our main goal is to satisfy our clients so we always trying to do our best to get unique results. Let ‘s do it! You’re more effective on social media with Somedbox.