Etsy Ads is a full automated advertising program by Etsy. Altough it is automated, it needs to be tracked to avoid investment loses for wrong products. As first, all listings on ads program need to be optimized. Products SEO (title, description, tags) will drive the organic traffic that you captured with ads. Limunis will track your products that given ads and optimize the ads to maximize your profit.

Before September 2019, Etsy ads was way different than today. You could use Google Shopping and Etsy Promoted Listings. Google Shopping and Etsy Promoted Listings were paid on a bidding basis (as like Amazon). Now, you chose your listings to be advertised and Etsy advertise them with its unique an algorithm based on your daily budget. Crucial thing here is to track your products ads performance. When you get service from Limunis, Limunis will determine and report monthly; how much do you invest in products and what is your ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend).

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