In old days, competition happened at the shops who serves the best would get the costumers and their reputation will spread around from ear to ear. Nowadays, competition is at climax in every industry and the competition has changes since the e-commerce has become in center of our lives as their number of advantages. Now the new style has completely changed. “Whoever present and announce their product/service will get the costumer” which means whoever makes online ads will get more in market. In other words, “we need to bring the products to costumer” which before costumer would come to get the product.
To make this successful, the best way is to make Online Ads in Facebook. By the algorithm and user capacity of Facebook, they will let you target the potential costumers in their database and show your ads to them.

It’s really important to know, every single penny you are not spending ads on Facebook, we believe you regret because you are loosing money.

Why would you do marketing on Facebook?

• You can target people who are related to or interested in your product(s) or service(s),

• You can start advertising either big or small,

• Whether your business is global or rooted in a local community, you can find your customers here,

• You can create your own brand and make it know faster than any other marketing platform,

• Once you run ads continuously, Facebook promises and guarantees to bring you the costumer who will buy your product/service,

• You will store data of your costumer or potential costumer who are identical to you costumers forever and use it again anytime you want to target them,

• Facebook dynamically updates the targeted costumer according to their interest,


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