Product research allows one to collect credible information concerning consumer preferences with regard to proposed offer. It makes it possible to get more familiar and better understand the needs of:

  • decision-makers in the purchasing process,
  • customers making purchases,
  • end users.

This type of research constitutes a valuable source of information about the possibility of boosting the value of a specific product in the eyes of a particular customer group. Conclusions from such research often determine the success or failure of a given offer available on the market. They may result in the development of breakthrough ideas and the creation of innovative products.

Product research yields data that is essential for effective product management at each stage of the life-cycle. It plays a huge role at the stage of concept development and market launch – allowing one to minimize the risks associated with misguided ideas. Yet, that research is of significant importance also at the stage of sale decrease – at that point it may become an important source of inspiration on how to prolong the product’s life.

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