Limunis inspects your Amazon Seller Account:

Deep insight into your seller central and identifying the high performing and low performing ASINs, listing and account health, sales conversations ratio, buy box percentage, campaign performance and inventory management. Additionally, Limunis examines the competitiveness of the products, keywords used in backend and content as well as the images of the listing and optimization effectively of the detail page.

Limunis detects your Amazon Seller Account’s lacks:

A clear report pointing out the key challenges blocking your growth. With our systematic approach, Limunis will point out the existing and potential problems, catalog vulnerabilities and account health risks. It will also consist of a brief about the reason and possibilities behind the weak performance of the ASINs, pay per click campaigns and negative customer feedback.

Limunis recommends for your Amazon Seller Account:

Not cutting any corners, we will prepare a detailed plan of action based on real-time information showing how you can resolve the existing and potential problems, accelerate sales, comply with Amazon’s guidelines and make the right decisions to improve your day-to-day Amazon operation.